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I say I am witch. Have past memories of such. Been practicing tarot for 50 years and witchcraft longer.

Farrah Peterson

About Me

I am 58 I have a disabling disease that I am training my Mobility Service Dog so I can keep active.  I do not know how much time I have before I get to where I will be in a wheel chair.  I love using Tarot/Oracle decks and pendulums.


marie goudet

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My name is Kim and am looking foward to a new journey.  8)


Kevlar Spirit
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Annette Dewgarde
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I work as a community support worker for the NHS love all things Gothic. Do a little painting as a hobby.


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Plague Kitty
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55 years old
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I have an art gallery in epping,essex.and would love to view your art. 

Rachael Newprt
53 years old


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39 years old
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