I A N   D A N I E L S   A R T

A R T   G A L L E R Y


I A N   D A N I E L S   A R T


F A E R I E   E N C H A N T M E N T S


M A G I K    D I V I N A T I O N    O R A C L E    D E C K


A lavish rose-gold gilt 40 card

Magik Oracle Deck.


These large cards are an oracle deck and

magical system for the creation of your own

 spells, runes and magik charms.

Representing all the meanings of

 the Major Arcana from Tarot tradition,

 along with additional elemental cards.

 Each card measures 5 x 3.5 inches,

printed on heavy 350gsm card stock and

embellished with giltrose-gold edges. 

The hand painted images featuring Faerie

Enchanters from Celtic myth are also for use

 in visualization, as a means to connect with

 and summon the specific energy of the

 Faerie  depicted. 

The deck is presented in a luxurious black

 box with gilt rose-gold foil design on the lid

 and back.

 Includes a 60 page  guide book.

Artwork and text by Ian Daniels